The Town of Pyli is situated some 15 kilometers southwest of the town of Kos. The town is home to about 2.500 inhabitants and is situated on the slope of a mountain overlooking the fertile lands below, near the middle of the island. The town square is the center of activity, full of traditional cafes and  you will also not fail to notice the classic Pyliotiko spiti (traditional house) right at the edge of it, and you can also visit the local spring with its beautiful lion shaped water sprouts about 100 meters away from the main square.
There are quite a few interesting monuments and sites to see in the area: Harmilos' grave (Hellenistic burial chamber) situated under the church of the Holy Cross, the Palaio Pyli settlement and castle, and quite a few Orthodox Churches…

Pyli Kos IslandPyli Kos Island

Pyli Kos Greece
Traditional House
Pyli Kos IslandPyli Kos Island

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