A large variety of Fauna and Flora can be found across the island. Before the advent of the tourism industry era the island's economy was based on its agricultural resources. 
A multitude of Mediterranean plants grow on the island: cedars and pine are predominant in the woods while Beach Holly, Sea Daffodils and Salt Cedars are all over the numerous sandy beaches, tomatoes, aubergines, watermelons and melons are widely cultivated in the fertile Koan fields while a plethora of wild herbs and spices thrive in the most improbable of places: dill, chamomile, oregano, rosemary just to name a few...
Poultry. pigs, goats, lambs used to be a must in practically every household. Nowadays some larger animals have been added to the mix, like cows but the farmers have become fewer. The island to this day still covers a large part of its needs in meat and dairy products.
Chances are you will also come upon some of the wildlife: rabbits, hedgehogs, owls, lizards, tortoises, and of course a number of migratory birds, in one of the Natura (protected areas) of the island (The Tigkaki Salt Pan, the Dikaios Mountain and the Psalidi Lake).

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