Cavo Paradiso

Cavo Paradiso is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Kos. It is also quite secluded as you need roughly half an hour by car to get there from Kefalos. Up to the Monastery of Agios Ioannis there is an asphalt road and then just before reaching the Monastery there is a dirt road that goes off on the left, taking you to Aghios Mammas and Cavo Paradiso on the southernmost promontory of the island. As you come down to the beach you will notice, spread out at your feet, the spectacular, breathtaking view of the shoreline. There is even a little rest/view area where you can stop and take a few pictures or just take the time to appreciate and savor. The waters are stunningly beautiful with colors ranging from turquoise to deep blue and the beach stretches for a few kilometers, so even if the dozen or so umbrellas are taken, you can drift away from the crowds and find your own little private area. There is also a small bar  if the need for refreshments arises... Enjoy...

Cavo Paradiso Kefalos Kos

Cavo Paradiso Kefalos

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