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I am Ioannis Gkikas the author of this blog. This site is mainly dedicated to the island of Kos although I have expanded my reach to some of the surrounding islands that are well worth the visit.  For most of my life with the exception of a couple of years, I have been coming back to Kos on a regular basis spending at least one month a year there, usually during the summer months. Throughout the years my whole family has always cherished this marvelous island and more specifically the village of Mastichari where we always manage to meet up again year after year. So, from early on I have come to know this wonderful island of Kos and in 2011, I finally decided to create this blog to depict some of the amazing places that you can visit.  As I have been living in Athens for quite some time now, I have been coming to Kos very often lately, spending a lot of weekends and some time off, to get this project on its feet, working on photographing and presenting all the little treasures that I uncover.
At first I thought I would soon run out of topics. Fortunately, I just seem to keep on stumbling on new and interesting things all the time (Kos is such a blessed island) and I am thrilled to admit that it looks like this blog will be an ongoing project for quite some time in the future. Hopefully you will enjoy the posts and get to actually admire some of the different sites first hand, during one of your stays. There's nothing like the live experience...

A great way to browse through the different posts is to go to the Map page and click on the different pins (then follow the link to the relevant post). 

Feel free to join the Discovering Kos Facebook page, the Twitter page, the Google+ page , the Instagram Page and/or the Pinterest page (where I have added loads of extra interesting stuff like Greek food and drink...) to get live updates and some new pictures I post on a regular basis. You can also watch some videos I post on the Discovering Kos Youtube channel...If you need to contact me you can do so by clicking here: info

Here are a few pages on facebook that I created with my friend Daphne from Kos Uncovered:
These are growing communities some of them with very passionate members. We post regularly on all these pages, and of course you can always discuss your plans or share you experiences with fellow aficionados if you wish to. I have recently created corresponding Groups for just that purpose:
Mastichari Group
Kardamena Group
Kefalos Group
Discovering Kos Group



  • Note that the location of each place referred to in the posts can be found at the end of the post through Google Maps just by clicking on the location tab.

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