The Tigkaki Salt pan

The Salt pans are situated right next to the village of Tigkaki. They cover a large area of roughly 930.000 square meters while 790.000 of those are below sea level at an average depth of -32cms. Bamboo has grown quite thick on the side facing the sea and has offered a protective shield to the area. Cooking salt used to be produced until 1988 but this activity has been abandoned since. The lake has now become a protected area where a lot of birds find shelter. Bird watching has become quite popular  and many come to observe the migrating birds as well as the rich local fauna, and even some rare species. The flamingos are an impressive sight and have made the place famous by their presence. There is a road around the lake shore that is large and I would recommend you take a leisurely walk to explore the sights and maybe enjoy a lovely sunset.

Flamingos Tigaki Salt Pan
Flamingo Tigaki Salt Pan

Flamingos Tigaki Salt PanFlamingos Tigaki Salt PanFllamingos Tigaki Salt Pan

Flamingos Tigaki Salt PanTigaki Tigkaki Salt Pan

Tigaki Tigkaki Salt Pan

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