Kardamaina or Kardamena

Kardamena Kardamaina Kos
Kardamaina is a small town that lies roughly 7kms away from the airport and 29 kms away from Kos town on the south coast of the island of Kos. The town has been built in the area of the ancient city of Alasarna. Archaeological excavations have brought to light the ruins of a sanctuary dedicated to Apollo and Hercules, some traces of a temple of marble dating back to the 3rd century b.C., a theatre and a few constructions of the Roman era. You can also visit the ruins of a Christian basilica dedicated to Aghia Theotita. There used to to be a number of other basilicas in in the area but the remains are scant and very difficult to find: Aghia Varvara, Presviterou Foteinou, ...

Kardamaina used to be a fishing village but has turned into a major tourist destination, catering mainly to the British. There are plenty of restaurants, cafés, bars and even a couple of nightclubs (the place is renown for its nightlife). There are beautiful beaches on either side of town that stretch for a number of kilometres. During the summer the  clear and turquoise waters are nearly always calm as the North wind does not affect that part of the island. The beaches are mostly sandy and stretch for a few kilometers on each side.

From the port of Kardamaina you can take a ferry to Nissyros which is a uniquely beautiful island that is well known for its active volcano (nothing too dramatic, you can smell the sulphur, feel the heat, hear the boiling water…) and is a great destination for a day trip.

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