Aspri Petra cave

The Aspri Petra cave (white stone cave) lies on Mount Zini, three kilometers south of the Town of Kefalos overlooking the sea from a height of 257 meters above sea level.A number of artifacts were found in this cave dating back to  the early Age of Bronze (2900-2100 B.C.) while other findings prove that the cave was used right up to the Roman times. The cave was discovered in June 1922 by Alessandro Della Sefe, confirming that human presence on the island goes right back to Prehistoric times.
The actual cave is some 100-140 million years old. This cave is what geologists call a Karst formation whereby the limestone is shaped through the dissolution of the bedrock.

Aspri Petra KefalosAspri Petra Kefalos

Aspri Petra KefalosAspri Petra Cave Kefalos

Aspri Petra Kefalos
Aspri Petra Cave Kefalos

Aspri Petra Cave Kefalos
Aspri Petra Cave Kefalos

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